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All you can dance

This is every dancer’s dream. Our premium offer All You Can Dance

For only 85€/month:

Every dance school has its top dancers that can dance everything… Do you want to learn in a very intensive way and achieve goals in the shortest period of time? This is your pack!

What do you get:
  • All styles Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba, Urban Kiz, Tarraxinha, Lady & Men Styling, Dancers Workouts & Stretching, Hip Hop, Yoga and more
  • Use our chat on the platform to ask questions.
  • Get full access to over 15 live classes weekly that will be saved to our tutorials system with over 600 videos and growing every week.
  • Improve your dance vocabulary, leading and following as well as your individual dance skills with our pair courses as well as watching our lady & men styling classes.
  • Our videos are divided into chapters, which describe the steps that you are watching using the correct terminology, so you can easily and directly navigate to the parts of the videos of your interest and learn the correct names of the steps.
  • You can choose the playback speed of the video and slow it down if necessary.

For only 85€/month: