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Flow is the focus, passion is the word, technique is the way. Become the bachatera/o of your dreams

For only 35€/month:

We open the door to the real culture of bachata through dance with both Bachata Dominicana as well as bachata sensual

What do you get:
  • Use our chat on the platform to ask questions.
  • Full access to our partner work videos
  • Full access to our lady styling video
  • Full access to our men styling video
  • Full access to all dance levels: basic, improver, intermediate and advanced
  • Every week new content.
  • Our videos are divided into chapters, which describe the steps that you are watching using the correct terminology, so you can easily and directly navigate to the parts of the videos of your interest and learn the correct names of the steps.
  • You can choose the playback speed of the video and slow it down if necessary.

For only 35€/month:

BONUS** Full access to our Fitness Workout, Dancers Stretching, Yoga, Zumba, and Hip Hop courses